About Campus

The Aberfoyle Park Primary School Campus started in 1982. Our Campus started as a unique collaboration between 3 schooling sectors, Catholic Education – Nativity School, The Uniting Church – Pilgrim School and two Department for Education schools – Heysen and Spence. The sharing of facilities was new to South Australia when it was first developed. In 2008 Heysen and Spence amalgamated to become Thiele Primary School

Throughout the history of Campus there is a strong vision and spirit of cooperation and collaboration. With three schools on site, we are able to provide:

  • Extensive grounds and facilities as we share and work together.
  • Sharing of expertise and knowledge between the three schools through staff and the leadership team.
  • Promoting cooperation and connection between the Campus community of children, families and staff. 
  • A shared facility Preschool on-site connecting children to Campus community.

Each school operates autonomously with their own Principal and leadership structure. Schools also have their own Councils or Boards retaining their diversity and individuality. Each school is also represented on a Campus Conference Committee which is an information sharing and consensus seeking forum.

Campus Logo

Our Campus logo symbolises the integration of different education sectors on this site:

  • Nativity School – Catholic Education SA
  • Pilgrim School – Uniting Church Australia
  • Thiele Primary School – Department for Education

The logo highlights cooperation and understanding between sectors.

Nativity is identified by the green symbol, Pilgrim blue, Thiele yellow and the Campus Preschool red.